FTISLAND’s Hongki curses at members on stage during concert

It seems that FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki has been bugged by many after revealing that he has gotten butt surgery, as he made an effort to provide an update on his butt condition for curious fans in Hong Kong.

On an episode of Weekly Idol aired back in April, Hongki confessed that he underwent surgery as a painful boil developed on his butt. The revelation generated much buzz and fans have since been curious about the topic.

On May 16th and 17th, FTISLAND participated in FNC Entertainment’s family concert in Hong Kong. To satisfy the fans’ curiosity, Hongki revealed that there was one thing that he needed to tell everyone while on stage. He then proceeded to say, in Cantonese and English, “My butt is not pain now. I’m fine, trust me!

Upon hearing this, fellow member Jaejin continuously repeated, “Butt hurts! Butt hurts!“, to which Hongki responded, “Butt doesn’t hurt! Butt doesn’t hurt!” After being teased and annoyed by his fellow members for a short while, Hongki couldn’t hold back anymore and yelled “Shxt!” to them, effectively ending the topic and drawing laughter from the crowd.

Source: on.cc