Fuse TV names Ga In’s “Paradise Lost” the darkest K-Pop MV of 2015

Applauding Ga In for her bold and sexy moves, Fuse TV named “Paradise Lost” as one of the darkest K-Pop music videos of 2015.

In contrast with the well known “Gangnam Style,” Fuse TV says that Ga In brings in a new perspective of K-Pop to the world. Using a dark and sexy theme for “Paradise Lost,” Ga In made the world think twice about their views on K-Pop.

Additional to the sexy theme in the video, Fuse TV also suggests that there is a dark and ominous element within the song. Listening to the track, they could hear Ga In’s voice “reverberating through your headphones like ghostly howls while the percussion on the chorus sounds like an military death march.”

Known as one of the boldest divas to Fuse TV, Ga In leaves a large impression on people worldwide with her latest comeback. Following the release of “Paradise Lost,” Ga In revealed her music video for “Apple” afterwards on March 12th.

Source: News1