f(x) Amber caught smoking; Netizens rush to her defense

A photo of f(x) Amber allegedly smoking has undergone the scrutiny of netizens as many question whether this will affect her image as a member of an idol girl group.

Originally posted on March 17th via community board Instiz, the title read “Amber with an electronic cigarette? ‘No problem’ vs ‘But she’s in a girl group,'” and proceeded to copy and paste the article originally published through Korean media site Bridge Economy.

The article states that a photo of Amber with an electronic cigarette in her hand while at a bar has circulated online and has become a controversy, citing clashing opinions from netizens who was quoted saying, “It’s not a problem for Amber, she’s an adult and it’s not illegal” and “But she’s in a girl group still.” 

In the cap of the posted image from an SNS account, the poster’s text reads, “The Amber picture that was under debate..is her smoking a problem or not?”

To this, the members of Instiz replied, defending Amber’s alleged actions of being a smoker and said, “She’s an adult, she can do whatever she wants,” “It doesn’t matter if she’s in a girl group, she’s an adult,” “I see nothing that can be a problem,” “Why is this controversial if she’s an adult,” “No problem, it’s her life anyways,” “Didn’t Onew from SHINee get caught once with an e-cig and got a lot of hate for it? I don’t see what the problem is,” and “Not a problem, but not good for you Amber.”

Source: Instiz and Bridge Economy