f(x) Amber reveals she broke her front teeth while skateboarding

Amber of f(x) has spoken up about a time in her childhood when she broke her front teeth while riding a skateboard.

On the May 18th broadcast of KBS Escape Crisis No. 1, Amber surprised all the MCs and guests on the show by showing off a scar on her leg and explaining how she broke her front teeth as a child.

During the show, the theme topic of discussion was, “Which body part gets injured the most in skateboarding accidents?” in which Amber confessed her love for the hobby.

The idol star said, “I used to ride skateboards ever since I was little,” and even showed off her riding skills on set. However, when one of the MCs asked her, “Have you ever gotten injured while riding a skateboard?” Amber replied, “All three of my front teeth are fake. I broke all three while riding a skateboard.

The star added, “I even scraped and hurt my leg during that accident as well; I have a lot of scars on my leg,” while revealing parts of her leg which still show heavy scars from the fall.

Source: My Daily