f(x) fans outraged at SM Entertainment over Red Velvet’s official fanclub name

f(x) fans are absolutely outraged after it was revealed that rookie girl group Red Velvet would be gaining their official fanclub name soon. 

On March 17th, a representative of Red Velvet’s fanclub posted a notice on the girl group’s official website to announce they are currently recruiting for a local supporting team and that the official fanclub name will be announced soon. The news also reached f(x) fans, who reacted negatively to the news.

SM Entertainment houses many popular idols and artists under their agency, including Kangta, BoA, TVXQ, TRAX, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), EXO, Red Velvet, and more.

Red Velvet fans will be appointed an official fanclub name only seven months after the rookie girl group’s debut in August 2014. Similarly, EXO received an official fanclub name (EXO-L) just last year in August 2014, a little over two years after their own debut in April 2012 with “MAMA.”

On the other hand, f(x) — who debuted in September 2009 with “La CHA TA” — has yet to be given a fanclub name as they near their 6th debut anniversary.

Much of the anger seem to be directed at SM Entertainment, who manages all of the groups mentioned above, blaming the agency for blatantly ignoring f(x) for other rookie groups.

f(x) had their first comeback as a group in July 2014 with their 3rd studio album Red Light. After a little over two weeks of promotions, f(x) halted their activities following the sudden hiatus of member Sulli — citing the malicious rumors surrounding her were taking a toll on her — and since then, each of the members have been following their own activities.

Fans left comments on SNS websites and even on Red Velvet’s recent music videos (“Automatic” and “Ice Cream Cake“), such as:

➜ “Why bash Red Velvet for getting a fandom name.. it’s the company’s doing not them. All these comments on their video is sad.”

➜ “Good to hear Red Velvet about to get their fandom name but where is f(x) fancom name at?!?”

➜ “SM just constantly upsets and confuses everyone lately. A random new member of Red Velvet. A fandom name for Red Velvet but no fandom name for f(x) still?? No new EXO teaser/music video?? To all my fellow SM stans, you guys are all strong for going through all the controversy, fanwars, and problems that SM causes.”

➜ “What? Fanclub? Before f(x)!!! It’s not a joke SM…f(x) fans don’t accept it,” “Why don’t you just reveal both f(x)’s and Red Velvet’s fandom names so you can make everyone happy and save Red Velvet a lot of hate, how hard can that be?”

“Red Velvet is gonna get a fandom name? While f(x) is still hidden in the shadows.”

➜ “It hasn’t been a year yet and Red Velvet will be getting a fandom name soon. It’s been six years already and f(x) is still nameless.”

 “I love Red Velvet and all, but I find it ridiculous how they have a fandom name faster than f(x).”

 “The first thing I thought of when they said the were gonna announce the fandom name for red velvet was what about f(x).”

 “Red Velvet’s fandom name is f(x).”

 “I love Red Velvet but honestly, f(x) deserves that fandom name more than them.”

 “So Red Velvet has a fandom name coming before f(x)… it’s been 6 years and it took EXO 2 years. What next, a solo tour?”

 “I’m a Red Velvet fan and I’m happy we’re getting a fan name but I am a hard core f(x) fan and we still don’t have a fandom name.”

 “Almost all Red Velvet stans agree that SM is unfair and prefer f(x) to have fandom name first before theirs.”

 “f(x) should have a fandom name before Red Velvet!!! Shame on you!!!”