f(x)’s comeback confirmed for October with brand new studio album

Though f(x)‘s comeback seems to have been pushed back, the four-member girl group’s comeback date has been confirmed for October!

A music industry official on September 9th revealed that f(x) will be releasing their fourth studio album in October, making this their first promotions as a group since July 2014 with Red Light, 15 months ago.

SM Entertainment’s three girl group representative will be promoting one after another with Red Velvet following Girl’s Generation with their newly released title track “Dumb Dumb” from their first studio album THE RED. Following Red Velvet’s promotions is f(x)!

f(x) is a girl group that has continued to release energetic electric pop genre tracks since their debut in 2009 and recently celebrated their 6th debut anniversary.

This will be the first time f(x) will have released an album as a four-member group as Sulli recently left to focus on her acting career. Nevertheless, fans are super excited for their upcoming promotions as the last album failed to be promoted properly.

Source: X Sports News