f(x)’s Luna Is Now Offering Music Lessons

f(x)’s Luna has begun new endeavors after leaving her agency.

Former f(x)‘s Luna has ended her contract with SM Entertainment and has begun her journey going solo.

A post received much attention through an online community board regarding Luna’s showroom-studio called Luna Room 6.

Her description on Instagram revealed that she would be providing vocal, guitar, and piano lessons as well as selling high quality beauty products.

Fans also left comments about how surprised they were that Luna directly responded to their DMs.

“I sent her a DM and she was so friendly even though I didn’t end up buying the product.”

“It’s even more shocking that she directly responds to the DMs.”

“I just don’t get why people don’t support her when she does good things and only leaves hate when she’s just trying to live her life.”

She was previously criticized for selling sponsored makeup products through her showroom.

Source: pann