f(x)’s Victoria unleashes her own dance cover for viral dance track, “PPAP”

f(x)’s Victoria has done the unthinkable and released a candid cover for viral Japanese dance track, “PPAP.” 

On October 6th, Victoria unveiled her candid side once more as she posted a short clip on her personal Instagram account. The video only captioned as “PPAP” was a dance cover to the popular Japanese track, also known for its catchy “Pen, Pineapple, Apple Pen” lyrics.

Victoria was posed in front of a block of concert posters while she completed the catchy chorus with her own set of comic dance moves. The short dance cover was a big hit to her fans as they applaud the singer and actress for her hilarious attempt.

Meanwhile, the viral track was from Japanese comedian and DJ Kosaka Daimaou, who has created the repetitive lyrics and catchy beat. The track went viral with the video already hitting the 23 million mark.

Check out Victoria’s own take below!


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