G-Friend takes you behind the scenes with their official fan cafe

Upcoming girl group G-Friend wants to take you behind the scenes of their journey to debut with photos from practices and meetings with sunbaes and instructors.

Source Music Entertainment’s newest group has been teasing fans and creating anticipation for their debut since October with image teasers. As their debut date approaches, the agency has released a video teaser as well as an album highlight medley following the announcement of their debut album Season of Glass and title track “Glass Bead.”

Now, G-Friend invites you to go behind the scenes with them on their new official fan cafe! The group announced this news through their official twitter account on January 14th, tweeting eight photos of the girls hard at work as well as pictured with artist Hong Jin Young as well as Jung Hyung Don who are seen teaching the group.

Check out their new page as G-Friend prepares for their debut on January 15th.