Ga In and Jay Park will perform “Apple” on stage together for the first time

The original featured rapper for Ga In‘s “Apple” will be taking up his mantle as he joins her for the first time on stage this weekend.

“Apple” is one of two title tracks Ga In is currently promoting from her latest album hawwah, and has a much more lighter concept and tone then “Paradise Lost.”

On April 4th, Ga In will perform the track on MBC Music Core as per usual, but this time with original featured rapper Jay Park. This will be the first time the two will perform this track together, making many anticipate this week’s show. Previously, f(x)‘s Amber filled in for the male rapper and artist on several music performances.

Following its release on March 12th, “Apple” became one of the top hit charting songs, and its lyrics describe one’s yearning, and desire to go over the forbidden boundary, a funky and jazzy music accompanying the track.

Source: OSEN