Gaon Chart Recently Certified Platinum These Artists

This is why they are top artists!

On December 12, Gaon Chart announced the most recent top artists awarded platinum certifications.

Artists can feature in any or all of the three categories, namely, Album, Download, and Streaming.

Artists are awarded platinum in the Album category if their cumulative album sales exceed 250,000. Super Junior‘s 9th studio album Time Slip, as well as NU’EST‘s 6th mini album Happily Ever After, were both awarded platinum. The most recent album before it was TWICE‘s Feel Special.

Album Certifications

In terms of downloads, artists are awarded platinum if their cumulative download sales exceed 2.5 million. BLACKPINK‘s album Forever Young and BTS‘s album Fake Love were both awarded platinum. Polkim‘s Meet You was added before the two in October.

Download Certifications

As for streaming, artists are awarded platinum if their song was streamed over 100 million times. Song Ha Ye‘s song “Your News” was the most recently awarded platinum song. Taeyeon‘s “Four Seasons” and Jan Butterfly‘s “For Lovers Hesitant” were both added in November.

Streaming Certifications

Source: Gaon
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