Gaon Chart And “The Show” Clarifies Data To Confirm Kang Daniel’s Win

Gaon and “The Show” clarify Kang Daniel’s win.

Recently, questions regarding Kang Daniel’s win on the most recent episode of SBS MTV’s The Show. On December 3, the charts showed that Kang Daniel took first place with a total of 6,195 with ASTRO and AOA in second and third place, respectively.

People wondered how he could receive a score of 4,000 for the digital and physical album sales category when his album was a digital single.


Gaon Chart made clarifications regarding this by revealing the data collected from November 23 to November 29. Data showed that Kang Daniel had 48,728,828 digital points, while AOA had 10,877,791 points and ASTRO with 6,941,875 points.


Some fans had questioned Kang Daniel’s win after looking at Melon’s real-time charts, showing that AOA ranking within number 50 to 70, while Daniel was already off the charts. However, Dispatch revealed that there were no problems with the chart and that the data by Gaon showed that Daniel’s score was four times higher than AOA’s.


After much investigation, they concluded that there were no issues with the data and that Kang Daniel’s win was correct.

Source: theqoo

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