Gary deletes all photos on Instagram

Gary has deleted all of his photos from his personal Instagram account.

As of May 1, Gary has deleted all of his photos on Instagram with no apparent reason.


Gary has been acting in mysterious manners as he recently announced a surprise wedding with a non-celebrity and shocked fans along with the industry in general. Apparently, not even his close friends foresaw a wedding announcement or knew that he was dating someone.

Gary also changed his phone number and didn’t tell his fellow Running Man members his new number. He also hasn’t been in touch with the Running Man staff members and they expressed wishes to be contacted soon to catch up. 

Song Ji Hyo made the following remarks at a fan meeting when asked about Gary’s marriage.

“I’m a bit sad as I only found out about it from the news. I wish Gary-oppa a happy marriage. He also changed his contact number so I hope he’ll contact us.”

— Song Ji Hyo

Gary or his agency have not made an official statement as to why he deleted his Instagram posts.