Gary and Mad Clown complain about their royalty arrangements

The Korean Music Copyrights Association revealed that they have “not yet fully distributed certain fees” acknowledging the problem Gary and Mad Clown brought up. The two artists have notified the public of this issue through their personal SNS recently this week.

An executive member of the association reported to Star News on January 24th, “The rules for copyright payments were changed since December of the year 2013 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and this caused certain payments not yet organized.”

They continued to say, “Some songs that have the same title or do not have a registered writer or composer are registered by the association. These songs take about three to four percent of the total database, and they have not yet been organized. The rules were changed to calculate payments for each song due to songs like these, but with the current technology available, it is difficult to efficiently manage such great amounts of data.”

Certain providers have different data to our database concerning these songs, and the mismatch of information limits us from requesting the right amount of copyright fees.” The copyright association assumes about three million dollars worth of copyright payments has not yet been paid to the respective members of the association. “In order to efficiently solve the problem at our hands, we are currently working with the ministry. As soon as the method of calculation and distribution is decided, we will distribute the payments in small amounts. However, the total payment amount is not yet known. Rest assured, there is not even a one percent chance that the owners of the songs will not receive their respective payments in the future. We will make sure there is no damage to those copyright holders in the near future.

Leessang’s Gary, along with Mad Clown, have complained about these delays and mistakes the association is making. Through his Twitter, Gary mentioned, “The copyright payments have been the same since last year. I really want to know how the association is calculating our copyright payments. They are forcing us to be satisfied with what little money they give us. “

“The association had never documented an official notice about their payments that were not made last month. Why would this be? Does this month’s payments have finalized payments or what?” mentioned Mad Clown on his SNS.

Source: Star News