Gary reigns supreme in music charts in South Korea, Taiwan and more

Gary has achieved impressive response after his first full album 2002 ranks on top of music charts not only in South Korea but also to the rest of Asia. 

Following its release on September 20th, 2002 managed to stay on top of online music charts in South Korea. However, current reports revealed that the album also ranked first on iTunes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. At some point, it also ranked first in YinYueTai, one of the biggest online music portals in China, and appearing on Baidu Music’s rankings.

This led to the confirmation that his popularity transcends not only as an entertainer but also as a respected hiphop artist across the continent.

In an update on Instagram, Gary seemed to have been touched by the results and thanked his fans saying, “Thank you to all my fans in Asia.”

The rapper was able to showcase a different side to himself contrary to his image under LeeSsang with the release of 2002 and the music video for “Get Some Air.”

Source: TVReport