G-Dragon Draws Attention For His Rare Million Dollar Chair

Only twenty exist in the whole world!

G-Dragon appeared on KBS2‘s All Year Live and is drawing media attention for his expensive collection of furniture.

| @xxxibgdrgn/Instagram


The singer is reportedly collecting furniture and paintings from artists around the world, spending millions of Korean won on special items. From a dining table priced at ₩40.0 million KRW (about $35,500 USD) to a painting worth ₩3.70 billion KRW (about $3.28 million USD), G-Dragon clearly doesn’t have a shortage of money. His collection is worth so much that it could have bought him multiple apartments in Seoul.

| Vogue Korea

However one item in particular takes the cake for its rarity and price. A fluffy yellow chair was sighted in his home, and is only one of twenty that exist in the world. Priced at a whopping ₩1.10 billion KRW (about $975,000 USD), the chair is truly limited edition.

| KBS2

He certainly isn’t afraid to drop some money on collectible items!

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