GFRIEND SinB tried alcohol for the first time, and here’s how she reacted

GFRIEND‘s SinB revealed what her first ever alcoholic drink was and how she thought it tasted.

GFRIEND’s SinB and Umji appeared as guests on a recent episode of KBS‘s talk show Hello Counselor and the MC’s mentioned that once the calendar turned to 2017, the two youngest members would turn 19 years old and be legally considered adults.

Umji was then asked what she wanted to do now that she is considered an adult.

“I want to use my Identification card. I want to use it at a sauna since some of them only allow adults to stay overnight”


SinB shared a story about what happened on New Year’s Day about trying a drink now that she was a legal adult.

“I drank with employees from my company and my members for the very first time in my life. The first thing I drank was somaek (a mix of soju and beer). At first, I didn’t think much of it since it was bitter but as I kept drinking it, I realized why people drink this.”


Source: Asiae, Sports Donga