GFRIEND Yuju Thought She Was Going To Perform With Taylor Swift By Accident

GFRIEND’s Yuju thought she was going to perform with Taylor Swift, only to have her dream crushed when she learned that wasn’t true.

On March 9, GFRIEND appeared as guests on the radio program, Cultwo Show. During the broadcast, the group was able to interact with the program’s audience and received a few questions from their callers.

In response to one fan’s question, Yuju talked about her sleeping habits and an incident that made her question whether she was dreaming or not.

“When I was preparing for a comeback, I told the team leader that I had a duet with Taylor Swift. I was able to meet her to discuss our music.

I woke up and it was so vivid that I sent a text saying, ‘I talked to Taylor Swift just now, but is it going to happen?’ He only laughed and me asked, ‘What are you talking about?”

– GFRIEND’s Yuju

In the past, Yuju even confessed that she once dreamt about her own mother turning into a tomato. She ended up crying in her sleep because of how vivid the dream was.

Source: SportsSeoul