(G)I-DLE Expresses Their Admiration For Park Bom By Giving Her The Most Heartwarming Gift

Blackjacks will know exactly what this gift is!

Mnet’s “Queendom” may be a competition show, but that hasn’t stopped the idols from becoming friends.

In fact, idols from different groups have been shown hanging out together, after meeting each other on “Queendom”.

In the preview for the upcoming episode, veteran idol Park Bom and rookie group (G)I-DLE met with each other to learn more about each other’s performance styles.

Park Bom and (G)I-DLE will be performing a song from the other group in the next episode, hence why they decided to meet up to do the original song justice.

(G)I-DLE was scheduled to meet Park Bom in her company D-NATION’s building, where they would be greeted with a warm welcome.

Park Bom personally put up the decorations to ensure that (G)I-DLE would feel at home when they would come to talk with her.

She even made sure that the banner spelt (G)I-DLE’s name properly!

In turn, (G)I-DLE brought their own gift – a bouquet of flowers!

But stowed away in the bouquet, was Bom’s favorite food corn!

Bom has been famed for her love of eating corn, despite the discouragement of her personal trainer back in 2NE1TV.

It has been a love that has not died out, with fellow 2NE1 member Dara also gifting Bom a corn-shaped cake for her birthday.

By making reference to this subtle fact, it looks like (G)I-DLE may be full of BLACKJACKs!

The leader Soyeon expressed her awe at being able to converse with the veteran idol.

It was so fascinating that we were able to be with Park Bom sunbaenim in one place like this

And best of all, Bom very much enjoyed the corn that (G)I-DLE had gifted her.

With a lot of time passed since Bom’s activities with 2NE1, it has been heartwarming for female idols like (G)I-DLE to have stepped forward to express their admiration for 2NE1’s impact.

Hopefully this touching first impression can kick off a longstanding friendship between these talented artists!

You can see more of Park Bom and (G)I-DLE’s first one-on-one meeting here: