(G)I-DLE’s Soojin Is Driving People Crazy With Her Gorgeous Side Profile

Cutie sexy.

On December 21, (G)I-DLE was seen heading to Taiwan for the Tainan Christmas & New Year Party in Taiwan. There, Soojin stunned people with her gorgeous side profile.

The idol is known for her charisma on stage, with some even saying that she has the most stage presence. Looking at these photos, however, fans agree that she is also cute and pretty, showing off her duality.

Since the idol still has a babyface, many have complimented how cute her cheeks are because of how squishy they appear. It’s hard to believe someone who resembles a doll could pull off such hard-hitting performances, but the idol’s skills are versatile enough to do so.

Her visuals at the airport were top-tier, and people can’t stop gushing over how adorable she looks. Fans are hoping that she and the other members of (G)I-DLE get to Taiwan safely and have fun on the trip.

Source: Naver