Here Are (G)I-DLE Yuqi’s Top 6 Weight Loss Tips To Stay Thin

Tip #2 is essential to get her flat abs.

Summer is here and many are scrambling to find some quick ideas on getting summer-ready. To fit the season, (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi recently told ELLE Korea some of her tips to help manage her weight during comeback season.

Please note that not all bodies are the same but a few tips may be what you’ve been looking for. Take a look at her greatest secrets below!

(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi | Star News

1. When trying to look your best, limit salty foods and carbs.

Especially before a special event, avoiding these types of foods can help you quickly slim down your physique.

2. Eat nutritious foods and take your vitamins.

During comeback time, Yuqi always brings her go-to snacks: Stevia tomatoes, pumpkin juice, and eggs. She also carries her probiotics and vitamins.

3. If you don’t have time to eat, prepare a healthy smoothie.

Often using whatever is leftover in her fridge, Yuqi makes a healthy smoothie with stevia tomatoes, broccoli, bananas, tangerines, a little bit of lemon, and ginger. She then blends this with coconut water or regular water.

4. Drink plenty of tea.

She loves various kinds of tea, including pumpkin and red bean tea. Miyeon recommended her fox tea.

5. Keep your workouts interesting.

In order to stay motivated, Yuqi makes working out fun by switching up what she does every day.

6. Massages can actually make you look thinner.

Though it’s not real weight loss, using a Gua sha like Minnie can create the illusion of a V-line chin.

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