Girl Group NATURE Alarms Fans With Cryptic Instagram Post That Was Deleted…Only To Shock Fans With The Truth

The truth was revealed a day later.

Girl group NATURE made their debut in 2018. They were a promising group with the members split into various units to cover different styles of songs. However, their last comeback was in June 2020, and the group was not heard from since.

Just recently, on January 4, 2022, a cryptic post was uploaded onto NATURE’s Instagram account.

NATURE cannot go down like this.

— @nature.nchworld

The alarming statement was a shock to many. Fans even checked if the account was the official one or not, as the statement was so unlike the group.

As official accounts are usually run by staff with the members having access to it for posts, fans speculated that an upset member uploaded to post. However, within a few hours, the post was deleted swiftly.

However, just a day later, on January 5, 2022, a new post reassured fans once more. Turns out, the girls were having a comeback! A schedule was released for their comeback. The tagline for the comeback? NATURE cannot go down like this!

Turns out that it was clever noise marketing after all. Congratulations to the girls on their first comeback in awhile.

Source: theqoo