Girl’s Day discuss their drinking habits over a case of soju

Girl’s Day appeared on the set of Life’s Bar with a full 12-pack of soju.

A preview for a future episode of Life’s Bar recently aired and Hyeri was seen bringing a full box of soju with the Girl’s Day members. They appeared with bright smiles and seemed very excited to be able to have an honest talk over drinks with the show’s MC’s Shin Dong Yup, Tak Jae Hoon, and Kim Joon Hyun. Life’s Bar has the distinction of being tvN’s only 19+ rated program.

Hyeri was all smiles while talking over good food, drinks, and company.

Sojin was particularly excited over the thought of talking with alcohol, saying,

“Let’s do this [drinking] properly today for once.”

— Sojin (Girl’s Day)


During Girl’s Day’s comeback showcase, Hyeri revealed that Minah is the weakest at handling her liquor while Yura is the best. When asked about how much she could drink, Yura answered,

“If I drink slowly, I can finish 2 bottles of soju. I also drink somaek (soju + beer mix). I get less drunk when I drink soju compared to somaek. I can also finish a full bottle of wine.”

— Yura (Girl’s Day)

Source: Dispatch and TV Report