Girl’s Day Minah cutely poses in D-3 photo ahead of solo debut

As the date of her official solo debut nears, Girl’s Day member Minah cutely poses for an alternate camera on the set of her album’s jacket photoshoot. 

On March 13th, Minah uploaded an unseen photo from her jacket’s shoot on her Instagram, the words “D-day 3” accompanying the image.

Wearing a colorful and feathery outfit completed with white shorts and transparent thigh high pantyhose, Minah takes her place atop a silver chair as she sits on her legs in a tiptoe fashion. Looking off to the side and lips pursed, the Girl’s Day member pulls off a cute look without even trying.

Minah will be releasing her solo mini-album I Am A Woman Too on March 16th, and will follow up with a street showcase, returning to the same streets she sung live to before her debut. For her solo debut, she has taken a special photoshoot to show several sides of herself, particularly one in which she poses with a nude male model.

Source: TV Report