Girls’ Generation’ Hyoyeon Reveals The Story Of The Most Awkward Meeting Between Seohyun And Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

The members of Girls’ Generation still talk about this story today!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently made her solo comeback, and as part of her promotions, appeared on the radio show of her fellow labelmates, Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk!


As they talked about the close relationship between the members of Girls’ Generation, Donghae commented on how they never miss a member’s birthday, and always celebrate together!

They’re really tight, and they meet up all the time. When there’s a birthday, all the members make sure not to miss it, and they have a party with everyone!


Eunhyuk then revealed that he was actually invited to almost all of them, and he joined them in their birthday celebrations a couple of times!

When there’s a Girls’ Generation party, they invite a few close friends, and they always invite me!


Hyoyeon then shared a hilarious instance of Eunhyuk arriving at the party of none other than maknae Seohyun, and talked about how that went down!

What’s really unexpected is that when he wasn’t close with Seohyun… I never heard that Eunhyuk and Seohyun were close. It was the first time that even the members couldn’t go to Seohyun’s birthday party.

We couldn’t make it. But out of everyone, Eunhyuk, who’s the least close to her, went!


Eunhyuk then revealed how awkward the whole thing was because they weren’t close to each other! At the party, because both he and Seohyun weren’t drinking, they instead tried to bond over orange juice which somehow made things even more awkward!

What’s even worse is that I wasn’t drinking back then, and even Seohyun wasn’t drinking. And I arrived first [at the party]. Seohyun and I…it was suffocating… I was sorry too! [I said] ‘I’m sorry I came first.’

The two of us were pouring orange juice for each other, and we were like that for 30 minutes…


Hyoyeon then hilariously revealed how everyone still talks about this incident, even today!

Hyoyeon made her solo comeback with the song “Second” ft BIBI!

You can watch the MV here!

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