Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reveals What She Loves The Most About Her Career As A DJ

She loves being a DJ, and here’s why!

As an idol, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon has made her mark as a singer and an incredible dancer, and has now opened up about her other musical career as a DJ!

DJ HYO | @serowajin/Reddit

Hyoyeon made an appearance on the latest episode of IDDP, where she searched for herself on social media! As she read comments, she came across one that talked about “HYO”—her stage name while she promoted as a DJ, and revealed that a lot of people still don’t know who HYO is!

I changed my stage name to HYO after I became a DJ, but many people still don’t know that HYO is me! Especially in Korea.


She then talked more about her DJ career, and shared what she enjoys the most as a DJ!

The best thing about being a DJ is you can see fans all over the world up close. They aren’t just listening and watching. With my playlist, they are dancing and having fun together.

That’s the beauty of being a DJ.


She then revealed that she’d love to do a concert with fans someday as DJ HYO!

I’d love to do a concert someday.


HYO recently made her comeback with the song “Second” ft. BIBI!

You can watch her talk about her career as a DJ here!

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