Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon shows off her style on “Me!” magazine cover

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon proves her global fashionista status by showing off her cool image on the cover of Hong Kong fashion magazine Me!.

With an intense gaze and stately pose, Hyoyeon showed off her sleek V-Line face and healthy physique in different styles, including an elegant orange dress and a trendy green top with matching silver jacket and bottoms.

The magazine also featured an interview with Hyoyeon with various question from her passion for dancing to secrets of keeping a healthy body, where Hyoyeon explained that dancing allows her to express her emotions in both fast and slow songs and revealed that she had only received formal dance training after entering a contract with SM Entertainment. Hyoyeon also revealed a funny fact where Girls’ Generation members do not fight for clothes that they like, but fight for food instead.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation has dropped the music video for their tenth Japanese single “Catch Me If You Can,” garnering over 1 million views in less than 8 hours after release. The Japanese single is set to be released on April 22nd.

Check out the stunning photos below!


Source: Dispatch