Girls Generation’s Taeyeon Reminisces About Her 2019, And Says Her Fans Mean The Most To Her

She opened up about it all.

Girls Generation‘s Taeyeon opened up about her 2019, and also talked about how important her fans are!

For a recent pictorial and interview with Allure Korea magazine, Taeyeon talked about her sense of adventure first, and the relayed how, because of this love for adventure, 2019 has been the biggest year for her as a soloist.


I’m the kind of person who enjoys trying new things. 2019 has been the busiest year for me as a soloist, and there are so many things that I’m thankful for this year.




While talking about her big and successful year, however, Taeyeon named her fans as the biggest reason for why she’s had such a great year, and said her fans are the most important to her.


I think it all thanks to my fans that I’m able to do so many things and I’m able to keep so busy.

The most important thing for me is to talk and communicate with my fans.




Taeyeon will be gracing the January 2020 cover for Allure Korea. She held her Japan tour Signal this April and May, and also released her second studio album Purpose with title track “Spark”, which broke a huge number of records upon its release! She also sang the OST for the Korean-language version of hit Disney movie Frozen 2, and held a number of busking events this year, further proving her immense talent as a singer.


Watch the MV for “Spark” here!

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