Girls Generation Tiffany Once Broke A Tooth Because Of Sooyoung

On JTBC’s Knowing Brothers, Tiffany revealed that she broke her tooth while trying to make Sooyoung laugh at her birthday party.

She put a frozen blueberry in between her top and bottom front teeth.

But she bit into the blueberry so hard that it literally broke her tooth!

She had to get it repaired by filling her tooth with fake bonding.

Although she broke her tooth, she said she has no regrets.

“As long as Sooyoung is happy.”

— Tiffany

Sooyoung had updated her Instagram that day with Tiffany’s exact moving words.

“‘Even if I look like a fool today, I’m okay as long as you’re happy.'”

— Sooyoung’s Instagram Caption

The bond between Tiffany and Sooyoung is truly built on love and gratitude!