Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Proves She Was The Main Event At MIU MIU’s Paris Fashion Show With Unexpected Appearance In Alexa Chung’s Instagram

Yoona will always be the “it girl.”

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona made an appearance on model Alexa Chung‘s Instagram, and it shows she was the main event at the MIU MIU show in Paris Fashion Week.

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona
Alexa Chung at MIU MIU fashion show in Paris | @alexachung/Instagram

As Yoona made her way to Paris, she reminded everyone just why she is considered one of the most legendary visuals in K-Pop.

In fact, with her new bangs, netizens commented that she actually looks younger than ever!

At the MIU MIU event itself, her interaction with IVE‘s Wonyoung caused a visual explosion, earning them both praise as representative visuals of their respective generations.

IVE’s Wonyoung (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Yoona (right)

And if there’s anything that Yoona’s presence in Paris also proved, it’s that she is and always will be the “it girl.”

This became undeniable after model, fashion designer, and TV and internet personality Alexa Chung filmed her and posted the clip to her Instagram story.

| @alexachung/Instagram

Alexa Chung was outside the venue when she heard some crazy loud screams. Surprised, she commented, “They’re screaming for someone…” before realizing that the object of the crowd’s attention was none other than Yoona.

Just as Yoona’s juniors in SM Entertainment, aespa, were the main attraction at the Givenchy fashion show, Yoona proved to be the main event at MIU MIU’s. Everyone in the crowd seemed to be there for her! And it’s no surprise, given the visuals she served!

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Girls’ Generation’s Yoona And IVE’s Jang Wonyoung Cause A Visual Explosion After Interacting At MIU MIU’s Paris Fashion Show

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