The Support Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Has For Seohyun Is Unreal 

They may be focusing on their individual activities but it doesn’t mean they don’t support each other anymore. 

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is proof that Girls’ Generation members may be busy with their solo promotions, but they always find time to support each other in the sweetest way possible!


Tiffany’s been busy promoting her new solo single, “Over My Skin”, but she managed to find the time to send some love to Seohyun‘s new film set. 


Tiffnay sent a beautiful coffee truck for all of the film staff to enjoy!


Seohyun, who is currently filming for the drama, Time, shared this sweet post on her personal Instagram account. 

“Today, Tiffany sent me coffee. I now have strength every morning. Aaaaa~ ~ My sister is the best. Thank you very much. I love you.”

— Seohyun 


It’s not the first time either. These two members also recently promoted Oh!GG’s return to the music industry with these sweet posts.


And fans are thrilled! Will the members of Girls’ Generation ever stop showing their love for each other? Never!

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