[★TRENDING] Goo Hara’s recent “ALOHARA” video teaser feels familiar to Lee Hyori’s “10 Minutes”?

With the release of Goo Hara‘s official video teaser for her solo “ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?),” many have felt the familiarity of it, comparing it to Lee Hyori‘s own solo debut track.

In Hara’s teaser released on July 8th, scenes of her wearing a snapback with a sexy bright blue dress are shown, looking alluring in another scene in which she is wearing a white see through skirt.

In the short 20-second clip, the music has hinted that Goo Hara will be promoting a hip-hop/pop track with only the line “How do I look?” being sung at the end. As the lyrics seem to be quite flirtatious, the feel of her music video’s concept and track exhumes Lee Hyori during her own solo debut with “10 Minutes” in 2003, which became one of her signature hits.

Both “ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)” and “10 Minutes” have similar concepts including the hip-hop genre, sexy and costume concepts.

Additionally, Hara is under DSP Media which was Lee Hyori agency when making her debut with the girl group Fin.K.L as well as her solo debut, thus making the similarities in their solo debut not all that surprising.

Hara’s first mini-album ALOHARA will be released on July 14th.

Source: Daily Sports