Goo Hye Sun Responds To Pregnancy And Surgery Rumors

She finally responded back on Instagram.

Goo Hye Sun recently became a hot topic when she appeared at a public event for the first time in a while.


She was dressed in a mysterious all-black outfit, looking as beautiful as always.


However, netizens began to point out that she looked different than her usual image.


Many began speculating rumors that she was pregnant or that she got plastic surgery.

  • “Something’s changed about her.”
  • “She looks pretty but she face changed.”


As soon as the rumors began spreading all around various online communities, Goo Hye Sun put all of the rumors to rest by proudly claiming that she gained 10kg (~22lbs) from eating well!

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“I gained weight because I ate well. 10kgs.” — Goo Hye Sun


She later uploaded a bare-faced selfie to prove that nothing had changed about her. She was still the natural beauty!

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Her agency also made an official statement denying any rumors claiming that she was pregnant or had undergone plastic surgery. They also announced that Goo Hye Sun is currently looking through scripts for her next project!

“Pregnancy and plastic surgery rumors are all false. It’s just as she said – she ate well and got healthier, gaining a little weight in the process. Her face got rounder so the photos may have come out differently.

She’s currently looking through scripts to make her return as an actress. We’re also looking at dramas for the end of this year.”

— Partners Park

Source: Chosun