Goo Hye Sun Reveals She Doesn’t Love Ahn Jae Hyun Anymore And Wished He Would Be Ruined

“I don’t love him anymore.”

Goo Hye Sun‘s latest Instagram upload has her explaining about how she thinks her marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun was strange, and ends with her saying she doesn’t love him anymore.

Along with a picture of herself with a blank expression, she left a long caption about her relationship with Ahn Jae Hyun.

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참 이상하다. 살면서 그는 결혼생활에 충실하지 않았고 외도로 의심되는 정황들도 알게 했으며 주취중 폭력 또한 가했음에도 불구하고 사람들은 내가 그를 미치게 만들었거라 생각하는지 말이다. 솔직한 마음으로 나는 가사일에 지쳐 그에게 신경을 많이 쓰지 못했다. 집착도 그 반대였고. 그 역시 나를 인내했을테지만 그를 인내하고 살아온 나에게 이혼통보는 너무 가혹한 일이었다. 회사와 오랫동안 이혼준비를 한 사실을 안사람이 느낄 배신감이 어떤것인지 나는 그것을 계속하여 sns로 보여주고 싶었다. 그러나 삼년동안 함께 살며 늘 우리가 서로를 미워한것만은 아니었다. 오랜시간 우리는 서로를 예뻐해하고 행복했다. 그래서 이 상황이 납득하기 어려웠던 점도 있었다. 이혼 소송은 진행중이고 시간이 아주 오래 걸린다고 한다. 나는 그동안 그를 증오했고 망가지길 원했다. 이제 내 할만큼 분풀이를 했으니 이제 그가 여기 나타나는 일은 없을것이다. 그를 더이상 사랑하지 않기 때문에.

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It’s so strange. During his life, he was not faithful to his marriage, it was suspected that he had an extramarital affair, and people think that I made him go crazy, even though he was the one who would be violent when he was drunk.

Honestly, I was tired from all from all of the housework and wasn’t able to pay much attention to him. He could have also patient with me, but the divorce notice was just too harsh on me, as I was being patient with him.

I want to keep showing through SNS the feeling of betrayal that a wife can feel after knowing that the company had also been (helping) prepare the divorce for a long time.

Living together for 3 years, we did not always hate each other. For a long time, we saw each other beautifully and were happy together. So this situation is something that is hard to understand. The divorce case is in progress and it will take a long time.

During that time (the divorce process has been going on), I have hated him and wanted him to be ruined. Now that I’ve vented my anger, he will not show up here (Instagram) anymore.

Because I don’t love him anymore.

— Goo Hye Sun


Goo Hye Sun posted a picture of a woman in a hotel gown earlier with the caption “Must I Die” but has since deleted the picture and the post.

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