Goo Hye Sun Was Scarred From A Cheating Ex-Boyfriend — Everything Changed When She Met Ahn Jae Hyun

Her husband changed everything for her.

Goo Hye Sun poured out her heart about her own personal love stories throughout her life during an interview about her novel, “Heart-Shaped Tears”.

Goo Hye Sun confessed that her first love cheated on her with another woman. Ever since then, she was scarred from relationships where she became skeptical.

My first love was cheating on me with another woman and I felt that I needed to see who she was. When I met her, I felt that she was a good person. I told my boyfriend to keep dating her since she seemed flawless.

I was hurt after my first love betrayed me. After that, I was skeptical when it came to romantic relationships. I didn’t want to date unless we were thinking of marrying.

— Goo Hye Sun

But all of that changed when she met Ahn Jae Hyun, her husband! While they were dating, she felt such a strong connection between them that she forgot all of the skepticism and was devoted to tying the forever knot together!

I couldn’t imagine breaking up with him. That’s why I married Ahn Jae Hyun. I thought I would die if we ever broke up.

Breaking up became a scarier and horrific thought.

— Goo Hye Sun

She doted on her husband, praising him for his kind and innocent soul. Although they fight like any normal couple, his adorable antics would always win her back!

My husband is kind. He’s innocent and kind. He says I’m very scary. When we’d fight and our voices get louder, I say, ‘Let’s talk without raising our voices.’ Then he’d reply, ‘You’re scary!’ He has a cute side to himself.

He’s also bad at lying. Whenever he tries to hide something, you can clearly tell. He’s just very nice.

Once when we fought, I told him to sleep on the other side of the bed and he crawled up near the edge and slept.

— Goo Hye Sun

And thus, one of the most perfectly matched couples in the world was born!

However, after a series of messy, complicated public social media posts from Goo Hye Sun and equally damning responses from Ahn Jae Hyun, the two divorced in September 2019. Unfortunately, not all relationships are as they seem at the start.