Goo Hye Sun Sells 25 Pieces Of Her Artwork For 50 Million Won A Piece And Donates All Of It

She donated all the proceeds from her exhibition.

Actress Goo Hye Sun recently made an appearance on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View and revealed her personal work studio to the public.

The video revealed her personal studio located in Paju that was full of books and movie scripts along with a piano. The other side was a separate workspace for her drawing.

Goo, who edits her own videos, began working on her drawing. “I draw delicate paintings using a No. 1 brush, which is a very thin brush that I use to draw same patterns.”

| @kookoo900/Instagram

Goo also held a solo exhibition in Paris back in 2018 and sold 25 pieces of artwork. Comedian Hong Hyun Hee commented, “Famous artists’ works can cost as much as a small car. If you sold 25 pieces of artwork, you must be filthy rich. Can you buy me some lunch!”

It was reported that each piece sold cost 50 million won ($~44,566.85 USD), shocking everyone.

To this, Goo responded, “Because it was a donation event, I think the buyers bought it at an expensive price.”

| @kookoo900/Instagram

Fans and netizens praised Goo for her good deed and positive influence, stating that not anybody would be able to donate all the proceeds.

Source: msn