Goo Hyesun released her 6th single “FLORAL RAIN” on October 17th

Actress Goo Hyesun released her 6th single “FLORAL RAIN” in the afternoon of October 17th.

Goo Hyesun started out as an ulzzang actress and proved herself to be a talented artist, musician, and director in the past several years. Since her previous digital single “HAPPY” was released in November of 2013, this  new single will mark one year comeback as a singer. “FLORAL RAIN,” which was written and composed herself, is actually the OST for Goo Hyesun’s upcoming movie, Daughter, which will be released on November 6th.

It is really amazing how she is multi-talented. Who’s excited for her digital single “FLORAL RAIN” and the upcoming movie “Daughter”?

Source: Osen