Gordon Ramsay’s Reaction To Korean Street Food Is Nothing Like What You’d Expect

Gordon Ramsay tried the streets foods of Seoul and everyone wondered whether he would react like his TV personality or a polite foreigner…

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Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh criticism as a celebrity chef and fierce personality on his TV shows, so the question was on everyone’s mind.

Not surprisingly, many people questioned if he would be a harsh food critic during his stay in Seoul.

Gordon Ramsay was in South Korea for the first time to endorse commercial products and he was quite surprised by the numerous fans waiting for him at the airport.

When Gordon arrived at Gwangjang Market, a historical Korean street marketplace that was established in 1905, crowds met him there as well.

Koreans were taking pictures and videos of Gordon Ramsay during this rare opportunity for the South Korean public to witness unfiltered reviews of their street foods.

One of his first foods was “drug kimbap” directly from the hand of a Korean lady and, to many people’s surprise, Mr. Ramsay loved it!

Gordon Ramsay was also brave enough to try the sesame oil marinated live octopus, a famous Korean dish that appears on many food dare games.

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The delicious Korean food must have left a positive impression on Gordon Ramsay, as he apparently cannot wait to come back to try some more food!

Watch the full video of him trying out some street foods in Korea below:

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