“We Got Married” viewers bid two couples farewell in their final episode

In the most recent episode of airing of MBC’s We Got Married – Season 4, viewers bid farewell to two couples who have officially parted ways from the show. 

On  March 7th, We Got Married aired the final episodes for couples Nam Goong MinHong Jin Young and Hong Jong Hyun-Girl’s Day Yura as they reminisced on the memories they had together on the show before bidding farewell to one another.

Actor Nam Goong Min and trot singer Hong Jin Young originally joined the show as a couple in March 2014 and has been together as a virtual onscreen couple for a year. The 30-year old couple received a lot of love for their onscreen chemistry and physical contact they had with one another.

The two said their official farewells at the same theater they first met initially, where they also held their wedding photoshoot as well, and walked through the streets hand-in-hand as they reminisced. Hong Jin Young commented, “It’s only been a year, but it seems completely different from then.”

At the theater, Nam Goong Min left a video message to his virtual wife, saying, “The past year seems too good to be true, we created beautiful memories together. I will always remember my beautiful wife. I’m so grateful, Jin Young was the perfect wife. Thank you.”

Taking the stage, Hong Jin Young also gave a small performance for her virtual husband, voice trembling. Later in a solo interview, the trot singer said, “I am so grateful, he was the best husband and the best friend. I am just regretful that I wasn’t able to thank him or say sorry when I needed to.”

On the other hand, Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day Yura came together in June 2014, and has been together for 10 months. They were cutely referred as the “Jongha Couple” and showed off a clean, refreshing look for a couple in their 20s.

The two were placed in a small room where they reminisced on the memories they had together, and were given a “Virtual Marriage End” mission. Given an easel to write on, Yura than wrote a letters that represented Hong Jon Young, which was followed by letters to one another to cheer each other on in future activities to come.

In particular, Yura had commented, “Let’s drink soju.”

Hong Jong Hyun said, “I am thankful that he has a brighter personality and makes me laugh. I’m sorry because I am so blunt,” while Yura replied, “Oppa, it’s okay I know it’s your personality.” 

Meanwhile, the next week episode will feature the two new couples who will be replacing them.