GOT7’s BamBam Reveals His Biggest Concerns Toward His Solo Debut

He’s doing amazing!

GOT7‘s BamBam made his official solo debut with his album riBBon and dished on the details of its creation process in an online press conference.

As many know, BamBam’s position in GOT7 is a rapper, but his vocals are also incredible as well! While he has a beautiful voice, BamBam revealed he was actually quite worried about how his vocals would sound.

Rather than worry about the concept, I had bigger worries about my skills. I haven’t been able to show my vocals much until now so I thought a lot about what kind of songs it’d be best to sing.

— BamBam

Moreover, BamBam also shared his concern about the performing aspect of going solo. Instead of feeling reassured as he does with his fellow members, BamBam stated he was worried he wouldn’t be able to fill up the stage.

I also thought about how I could convey my energy when filling a stage on my own that used to have seven people.

— BamBam

BamBam SPACE/YouTube

BamBam continued and commented that instead of matching his tone and vocals with his members, he was able to show his individual color better in riBBon.

This is because as GOT7’s BamBam, I had to show a vocal tone and rap that matched with the group better.

— BamBam

| BamBam SPACE/YouTube
Source: News1