GOT7’s BamBam Spills The Tea On Who He Wants To Collab With In The Future

Who does he want to Skrrt Skrrt to the studio with?

Although the majority of promotions for his first solo debut “Ribbon” are over, GOT7‘s BamBam continues to provide quality interview content to keep the iGOT7s (also known as Ahgases) fed.


He recently sat down with GQ Korea for a GQ TMI question interview. While pulling “Too Much Information” questions from a jar, he happened upon one that said “which artist would you like to ask to feature?

“Q. Which artist would you like to ask to feature?” | GQ KOREA/YouTube 

After some nervous nail tapping, BamBam revealed there were three artists he’d like to collaborate with if given the chance.

“It’s really hard.” | GQ KOREA/YouTube  

The first artist he mentioned was… Zion.T!

Zion.T in his MV for “노래(THE SONG)” | YG ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube 

BamBam shared that he listens to Zion.T’s music every summer and asked him to “Send me a signal.” 

“Every summer, I think I always listen to your songs. If you don’t mind, send me a signal.” | GQ KOREA/YouTube 

The second artist BamBam revealed was none other than… Red Velvet‘s Seulgi!

Seulgi in Red Velvet‘s “Bad Boy” MV | SMTOWN/YouTube 

BamBam shared that he happened to be listening to Zion.T’s song “멋지게 인사하는 법(Hello Tutorial)” and was inspired by that to pick Seulgi because of it.

Zion.T and Seulgi in the “멋지게 인사하는 법(Hello Tutorial)” MV | THEBLACKLABEL/YouTube 

BamBam put in his humble request for Seulgi to “…please ask Lee Soo Man for me once.”

“If you have time, Can you please ask Lee Soo Man for me once.” | GQ KOREA/YouTube 

The third and final artist BamBam revealed was… JYP!

JYP (also known as J.Y. Park and Park Jin Young) in the “When We Disco” (Duet with Sunmi) MV | JYP Entertainment 

There was, initially, a misunderstanding when BamBam unfollowed the CEO of his former company (JYP Entertainment) on social media, but the air has been cleared. It was revealed that the two are on good terms, in fact such good terms that BamBam wants “to do hip hop with JYP.”

“If you rap with me, Wouldn’t it be fun?”GQ KOREA/YouTube

BamBam ended the segment by addressing JYP and saying:

Bro. It’s been a long time since I called you. I don’t know if you’ve heard of my solo album. When this video comes out, I’ll copy the link and send it to you.


Did any of the artists BamBam wants to feature surprise you? Let us know and to see more of BamBam’s GQ TMI Questions interview check out the video below:

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