GOT7’s BamBam Is The Perfect Mix Of Mischievous And Proper, And He’s Been That Way Since Childhood

BamBam’s mastered the art of balance.

In an interview with The Standard Pop, GOT7‘s BamBam revealed his most treasured memories and his deep thoughts on what defines him, and one particular post on Instagram is the perfect reflection of his personality.


When the interviewer asked BamBam about this Instagram post, BamBam couldn’t help but laugh and admit that it was actually a fan edit. While the face is BamBam’s, the body isn’t.

I posted it to trick my fans and many of them believed it.

There isn’t a better photo to capture BamBam’s playful nature, and BamBam reflected upon himself, saying that after visiting his old school before the interview, he realized that he’s been goofy since he was young.

Even his love for sparkles and glitter stems from his childhood. While BamBam has matured in many ways, he still retains his childhood nature, which makes him all the more lovable.

Surprisingly, though, BamBam has also been well-behaved since childhood.

I think I’m both mischievous and proper, but not to the extent of being naughty.

To give some examples, BamBam shared that his mischievous side showed itself often during family gatherings, where he would run all over the place and was constantly hyper. His proper side showed itself when he greeted his elders, whom he always treated with the utmost respect.

BamBam has known how to read the situation since childhood, so while there are times he’s more playful and other times when he’s more serious, it’s always at the right time and occasion.

This is evident to many Ahgases who know BamBam well: though he loves to tease his members, it’s all out of love and never harsh or demeaning. He’s also known for being very sincere and kind to everyone he meets; his actions prove his fun and respectful personality.