GOT7’s BamBam Reveals The Touching Reason Behind His First Solo Album Being A “Comeback” And Not A “Solo Debut”

For BamBam, it was a no brainer.

GOT7‘s BamBam has just announced his first solo album set to release mid-June, and Ahgases noticed that he labeled it as a comeback, and not a solo debut.


BamBam explained his reasoning in a recent live broadcast, and his answer was both logical and touching. While his upcoming album riBBon is his first solo album under ABYSS COMPANY and his first solo in Korea, he says “if you look at the whole thing, it’s not my first solo.”


He has previously released a solo OST for Thai movie The Con-Heartist at the end of last year, a collaboration song “Do You” with Thai rapper F. HERO back in 2019, and has a solo song “Party” in GOT7’s 2018 album Present: YOU.

BamBam for “Present: YOU” album | @GOT7Official/Twitter

As such, BamBam shared that he felt it was more appropriate to use the word “comeback,” and not “solo debut” since it’s not his first solo. Plus, GOT7 is not over, so he stated there is no need for him to debut.

And you know, I’m already in GOT7, why would I debut again?


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