GOT7 BamBam Responds To Accusations Claiming He Called JB “N**ga”

He personally responded to the accusations.

GOT7 members gathered together to send their New Years Greetings to their fans. In the middle of the video (around 3:00 mark), BamBam began talking about JB in a rap-like manner.


After watching the video, netizens from around the world began accusing BamBam of saying the “n-word”, a racially offensive word.


As the accusations grew wider, BamBam personally took to Twitter to clarify that he didn’t say anything wrong. It was all misinterpretation.


The live video was re-uploaded with subtitles. The Korean subtitles clearly wrote that he called JB “neulguhsseo (old)”. Due to his pronunciation and his emphasis to make it sound rap-like, it appears the netizens misunderstood his word.


The English subtitle also wrote that BamBam called JB “old” and not the n-word.


iGOT7s quickly fired at the haters, claiming that they were overreacting to something that never even happened.


This isn’t the first time BamBam was accused of being racially inappropriate. He was bashed on for imitating a famous pose from the movie “Black Panther”.


Here’s to a stress-free year for BamBam in 2019!