GOT7’s Bambam Reveals His Number 1 Reason For Working Out…And It Is So Him

It totally falls in line with him!

GOT7‘s Bambam revealed the hilarious reason why he loves to work out…and it is so him!

GOT7 appeared on the latest episode of Weekly Idol, and while promoting their latest comeback, had tons of new variety material for IGOT7!

Jackson begins the introductory segment, where he asks Bambam what he’s been up to these days in a joking manner.

Bambam reveals that he’s been busy preparing for their comeback, and enjoying working out!

I also worked out preparing to make a comeback.


Jinyoung praised Bambam’s body, saying that his hard work definitely paid off!

Bambam got into such a good shape.


And then he took his time to expose him! He began by asking the hosts, Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk, their reasons for working out!

I really want to quote him. [To the hosts] Why do you work out?


When the hosts replied that they work out to be healthier and masculine, Bambam hilariously revealed his number 1 reason for working out!

I work out…to show it off!


He then closed with,

If I find a chance, I’ll try to show it off little by little!


He’s totally earned the right to show off his hard work!

Watch this hilarious moment here, from the 1:48 mark onwards!