GOT7 drops two video teasers for “Hard Carry” comeback MV

Though four days remain until GOT7 drops their anticipated album Flight Log: TURBULENCE, the teasers continue to come.

On September 23rd, two video teasers for their title track was released with the first one simply focused on the group as they coolly posed on the set. Each members find their spot on the car wreckage for the scene, but Jinyoung‘s position has fans cracking up as he sits upside down from inside one of the cars. One fan commented, “What can Jinyoung not do??? He can sing, rap, dance, write lyrics, choreograph dances, he can even sit in a car upside down!!!! TALENT ONLY.”

In the second teaser, fans are given another look into the choreography which has been adorably nicknamed the “duck butt” dance. The scene quickly changes to Jinyoung in a box of water and Youngjae getting ready to break his friend out.

GOT7’s TURBULENCE will be released on September 27th with “Hard Carry” as the leading track.