GOT7 Get Sentimental About Their Friendship … For About Three Seconds

In all seriousness, GOT7 are the ones who love each other the most.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, fans get a glimpse of GOT7‘s antics behind-the-scenes before their 2022 FANCON HOMECOMING concerts in May. When the members share their thoughts on each other and what they’ve accomplished together, Ahgases can practically hear the members’ voices as they read GOT7’s words, full of playful teasing even while GOT7 talk about their true feelings towards each other.

HOMECOMING gave Ahgases many memories to cherish, from GOT7’s passionate stages to their humorous stories. Just seeing all the members together on stage after waiting for so long was enough to send fans into tears, and the members themselves got pretty emotional themselves. Yet despite all the sentiment and nerves, GOT7’s long years of friendship shone through their carefree antics and conversations.


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While talking about GOT7’s relationship, Yugyeom credited their insane chemistry to their differences.

It’s because we’re different that we’re able to fulfill what’s missing and what we lack in each other.

— Yugyeom

Jinyoung elaborated on Yugyeom’s words, but while he sounded like he would impart his signature wise words, he ended with an analogy that caused everyone to break into laughter.

Jinyoung: Then for seven years we argued a lot, and if we had ignored our problems we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Because we kept fighting it out, it was the kind of situation where at a certain point, everything just mixes all together well…like bibimbap.

Jackson: You acted like you were going to say the coolest thing, then you go ahead and say bibimbap.

Jinyoung: It’s Korean culture, man!

Jinyoung and Jackson’s Wang-gae Park-gae chemistry shone through their banter, and Jinyoung wouldn’t be Jackson’s only victim during the interview.

YoungjaeBamBam, and Mark each shared heartwarming thoughts on their relationship as GOT7 and their importance to one another.

Individually, we’re not as special, but because of GOT7, it’s something to be proud of and that is very special.

— Youngjae

GOT7 changed our life, man.

— BamBam

We’re pretty much doing it for them (Ahgases) — and it’s something we want to do as a group, too. We all have the desire to still work together. Not too worried about whether people show up or not, we just wanted to show people that this is still GOT7.

— Mark

And when leader Jay B shared his thoughts on GOT7’s latest EP, he couldn’t hide his excitement and let out a curse, making the rest of the members cringe.

When this album came out, I thought, *******. I was more proud of being in GOT7 than I’ve ever been the moment this album came out, because it was showing people what we were able to do. Our real potential.

— Jay B

Jackson, of course, could not let Jay B’s cringy reaction pass and told the interviewer with the most deadpan expression ever:

Please send me that recording of Jay B swearing later.

— Jackson

Ahgases reading through the interview will find themselves smiling because we can envision GOT7’s conversation in vivid detail. While their sentiments towards each other mean the world, the witty remarks throughout that give Ahgases true insight into GOT7’s family-like relationship.


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Source: Rolling Stone