GOT7’s Jackson Wang Accidentally Kisses A Man At Party

This man living many Ahgases’ dreams… 😫

GOT7‘s Jackson Wang accidentally kissed a man.

GOT7’s Jackson Wang

Jackson is very loving and affectionate, so he often hugs others…

And even gives kisses. Just not on the lips.

Recently, Jackson headlined at 88rising‘s 2022 Head In The Clouds festival. During a conversation with another man at an after-party, the two leaned in due to the loud noise and accidentally kissed…

The two automatically jumped back. The man appeared concerned and asked Jackson if he was okay before continuing their original conversation.

Honestly, though, this wouldn’t exactly be Jackson’s first rodeo. He has never been shy when it comes to the Pepero game.

Jackson (left) and BamBam (right).

And back in 2019, he attended a friend’s wedding. There, he participated in a similar game.

The exception is this time, there was nothing in between anyone’s lips!

A previous version of this article had said that the kiss happened at Mark Tuan’s listening party since the video was posted around the same time.

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