GOT7’s Jay B Liked A Sexy Fancam Of Himself And Ahgases Are Loving It

Be careful what you post. 😏

GOT7‘s Jay B has been active on social media lately. Ahgases have even noticed that he likes a variety of content, including fan posts and edits.

Recently, a fan recognized that the GOT7 leader had even liked a post about himself, but it was not just any kind of post. It was a sexy fancam edit captioned, “BIG D ENERGY.”


I wonder if he knows what it means lol #jb #jaebeom #got7 #igot7 #ahgase

♬ original sound – user4514708225362

Ahgases found great amusement in this. Some teased that since he liked it, “he said ‘agreed.'”

| @defsouljaee/Twitter

Jay B doesn’t even need a secret stan account; he just roams within the fandom’s social media freely.

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