GOT7’s Jay B Proves He’s A Man Of His Word As He Treats Youngjae To A Meal As Promised

He even bought meals for Youngjae’s dancers!

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently released his first mini-album COLORS from Ars along with his solo debut music video for “Vibin.” His fellow GOT7 members have been extremely supportive, as expected. Still, their excitement for his new album got them ahead of themselves at some times.


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♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Before Youngjae ever announced that he was preparing an album, leader Jay B accidentally spilled the beans about it. He later spoiled more details about Youngjae’s solo debut, revealing that there would be choreography.

So, when Jay B visited Youngjae to hear the title track “Vibin,” Youngjae teased him about it! He suggested that Jay B be the one to buy their meal because of it, to which the leader agreed.

Youngjae: Anyway, thank you for coming, hyung.

Jay B: Shouldn’t you at least buy me food?

Youngjae: Oh! Food… Actually, shouldn’t… shouldn’t you have bought me food?

Jay B: I made a mistake…

Jay B (left) and Youngjae (right) | 영재 YOUNGJAE/YouTube

While some time has passed since then, neither one has forgotten about this promise. The topic was brought up again just yesterday when the two appeared on KBS‘s STATION Z together. They were asked if Jay B had bought Youngjae his meal yet, which he was quick to remind his hyung about!

Now, Jay B has fulfilled his promise! Youngjae posted a large array of food, indicating that Jay B finally treated him to a meal. Shortly after, Jay B reposted it too!

Youngjae: Our hyung is the best………

Jay B: Have a good performance~~~


His generosity doesn’t end there either. Knowing that Youngjae was not preparing to perform alone at M Countdown, he considered the rest of the crew, including Youngjae’s dancers. They are from LOOK, a dance team known for working with GOT7, EXO, SHINee, SEVENTEEN, etc.

Still one week left

— @look_junu/Instagram

Some of the dancers shared pictures of their elaborate meals on their Instagram, tagging both Jay B and Youngjae. Jay B then reposted them to his Instagram Stories too.


Who would have thought that I would be eating VIPS (food brand) food at M! Countdown..ㅋㅋ the sweet guy even takes care of YoungJae’s dance team.

— @look_seobsin/Instagram


A man who takes care of even YoungJae’s dance team. Is this why they call you guys ⭐God ⭐ 7

— @look_junu/Instagram

Jay B is so thoughtful and considerate! He’s truly a great leader.